The 7DS Net Promoter Score Survey System

The 7DS Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a client survey system used to measure customer loyalty for companies in and around the real estate and mortgage industries.

NPS revolves around asking a single question: How likely are you to recommend X to a friend or colleague? Where X is a company, a product and/or a service.

The responses are collected on a 0-10 scale where 0 is Extremely Unlikely to reccomend and 10 is Extremely Likely to reccomend. Someone giving a score of 9-10 is considered a Promoter, score of 7-8 is considered Neutral (or Fence Sitter), and score of 0-6 is considered a Detractor.


Net Promoter Score is simply the percentage of Promoters less the percentage of Detractors.

For a more detailed explanation on NPS, click here.

Bain & Company analysis shows that companies with long-term profitability records have Net Promoter Scores two times higher than other enterprises in the same space.


Implement NPS For Your Company

7DS has created an easy to use survey system to help you better understand what your clients think of you, your company, products and services...and more importantly: WHY.

We offer two versions of the NPS Survey System:


Self Managed

Coordinate your own NPS survey campaigns.


Full Service

7DS will coordinate all aspects of your NPS survey campaigns from inspection to completion.



Administration & Consulting


Cost is dependent on size of organization and number of surveys evaluated on a monthly basis. Contact us for case by case pricing.


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All information and results shall remain 100% anonymous except to the assigned Admin of the organization, however, 7DS reserves the right to use the data collected anonymously to establish baseline NPS scores for a given industry or sector thereof.  Again, 7DS will not share any participant’s specific results to anyone without express written consent from the participant. 

NPS is in use by hundreds of companies worldwide, including such companies as GE, Apple, Verizon Wireless, and others.

Net Promoter Score and NPS are both registered trademarks of Satmetrix, Bain & Co., and Fred Reichheld.



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